24 February 2010

corner view/italy (errr...barcelona)

corner view:  street photography
This week I take you to the streets of Barcelona with my third post about my recent trip there.

We happened upon a couple of carnival celebrations as we wandered the streets Sunday.  The daytime procession included bulls, drummers, confetti, and masked revelers and proved to be a rather colorful, but calm, event.  The evening, however, was different, very, very different.

The sound of drums continued to fill the alleys into the night, and fireworks lit the night sky, but with a twist, literally.  Groups of children (with lots of accompanying adults -- some carrying torches) paraded the dark, narrow streets carrying firework topped sticks.  At different areas of the parade route, the fireworks were lit, which began a spiral of sparks and fire -- look at the images.  The participants were adequately protected, but I did see one man have an issue with his hair catching fire.

The fireworks topped each stick.

It was absolutely, positively exciting and invigorating.  Can't you just feel the energy?  This is my reason to travel.  

At the same time, I have absolutely no idea of the significance of the event.  I make a huge assumption that it was somehow related to carnival.   Perhaps someone who stops by my corner view may know what the heck was going on here?!
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*Just as I suspected, the fireworks are not reserved for carnival time.  Lookie here. Also -- I knew someone would know -- I love blogging for this very reason.  Thanks, Ninja.


  1. What great photos! I am jealous of your fantastic trip!

  2. Wonderful photos! Yes I can feel the excitment and fun on these streets. xo

  3. Wow! These pictures are so fun and exciting! I've really enjoyed all these shots from your trip!

  4. Your Carnaval looks fantastic. I remember one I went to in Spain manuy many years ago where people were running along the streets with fireworks in their hands and on bikes. It was crazy. Bet the drums and music was greatt too.

    It could be the beginning of Lent?

  5. great pics and dito trip!
    and well we always leave our village when the CarnavalTime strarts ;-0

  6. What a great series ... very interesting!

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  8. ah, barcelona, how I love thee.

    "correfocs" (catalan for "running with fire") are the best. I shall try and be there for La Mercè this year (Barcelona's fiestas).
    ah, you've made me really miss my city now, girl. :)

    here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correfoc

  9. The bull costume is great. So it wasn't carnival at all?

  10. awesome shots! you captured the excitement perfectly!!