03 February 2010

corner view / Italy

corner view::sweets


2 Sweets of Carnevale:   Le Ricciole & Le Fritelle

Both of these sweets are fairly local specialties whose creation and consumption are reserved for the Carnevale season.

For more sweet treats from around the world, see Jane in Spain.


  1. I think i just fainted from the heavenly sight my eyes beheld.

  2. I hadn't heard of "ricciole" yet. I was going to post on them, and their different regional names (in our family we use 3 different names for them).

  3. Hi there. I think your Fritelle are like the dutch olie bollen, which have a good dusting of powdered sugar over them. Delicious hot and when you're walking outside - but a bit messy!

  4. they do look good! crispy and sweet- the perfect combination.