10 February 2010

corner view / Italy

corner view::repurposed objects

As much as I admire that others are so gifted at repurposing, well, I don't have many examples of it in my own life.  Does antique furniture count?  Or how about old chandeliers?  I've got six of those.  That's about all I can offer. . . . and these cans.  If you have a handy dandy can opener that keeps the rims smooth as you open, then this is the easiest repurposing project.  I bet your mom did this.

This week's theme came from Francesca -- repurposing and creative queen.  Have you visited her yet?  My. . . it's time.  You won't be disappointed.

For more corner views, see Jane in Spain.  I'm headed there Friday, to Spain. No, not to see Jane, (sorry Jane) just to Spain with five girlfriends for a long weekend.


  1. Same here, no old stuff reused !!! tut tut.
    Still your tomato tins are great and I've seen so often in warm mediterranean countries big tins used for flowers outsdie. They look good

  2. I bought some canned tomatoes before leaving Naples just because I loved the label! The funny thing, they sold them at the Commissary in Annapolis??! hah. Funny how the label is in English too ;)

  3. I have mason jars filled with pens.

  4. those are the best. every household should have repurposed tomato tins (from the bay of naples, no les) full of pens. :)

    I think I lost this link with your blog move (yonks ago, I know) but hey, found you back. better late than never.

  5. My husband thinks I'm strange when I keep them . . . .little bits of art on each label, don't you think?