11 February 2010


Earlier I crafted a clever post laced with a hint of sarcasm, a witty post to lead into my weekend, and, just like that. . . with the wrong click of the mouse, the dang thing disappeared. Robbed.  Now I'm packing, the kid is feverish, & the husband has returned from his cooking class smelling like a line cook assigned to the onions (totally unrelated to this sentence), so instead, I offer you the intended images and the condensed, not-so-clever version:
Sunday Walk

1.  Winter is too long.
2.  Macs are better.
3.  I wish a great holiday weekend for you -- a weekend filled with love and chocolate and doubloons. See you on the other side, when we start the countdown to Spring Break.

Hasta luego, baby!


  1. Ack! I hate that! I've been working with Lightroom to edit pics the last few days and I keep hitting some wrong button and losing all the changes I've painstakingly made to a photo- soooo frustrating! Happy weekend to you! It's a big one: 2 Mardi Gras parties, 1 Valentine's Day, Sunday start of my new Italian class, and Pres. day-- I'm exhausted just thinking about it! (Hey, my husband just said it's snowing in Louisiana!)

  2. LOL! :) hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Did I miss something? Where are you off to?

  4. Sorry the original post was robbed, but I like this one! Have a great weekend.

  5. Have a golden and heartfelt weekend my friend. xo