07 February 2010


About the moment that I was thinking that this is perhaps the prettiest day we've had in months in the Veneto, the door buzzer startled me.  A peek out of the window revealed the neighbor boy standing patiently at the gate with a napkin-covered dish in his hands.  Yes!  He comes bearing culinary gifts, I think to myself as I hear the Young One opening the door below.  Since we've moved here these food offerings from Italian neighbors have never failed to impress in one way or another.

Crostoli, he tells me.  My Mamma made them for you.

And now I am sure, that yes, absolutely, this is the prettiest day we've had in the Veneto in quite some time.
Crostoli are a Carnevale treat in this part of Italy.  Do you think that you could eat just one?
Think again.


  1. Nice neighbors. And crostoli don't seem to be either ricciole, chiacchiere, frappe, or bugie. Next year I'll investigate Carnival culinary taxonomy.

  2. I don't think so! I would eat the whole plate and then lick my fingers. It looks kind of like funnel cake. What a nice neighbor!!!!

  3. Is that powdered sugar? Thanks. Now I'm drooling.

  4. Mmmm...I can almost feel my teeth biting into those. A bit of a crisp outside hiding a warm, soft inside...sugar melting on my tongue. Of course, I'm only imagining those qualities, I'd have to taste them to understand fully. So, can I come over?!