13 March 2010

airport greetings

Home. Finally.

In the Sky Somewhere Between Frankfurt and Venice

One great joy in life is being greeted by a loved one at the airport, especially if this loved one is five (almost six) and is waiting with great anticipation for her Momma to walk through the arrivals door at the Venice airport.  And when this loved one, who is free of fears of armed guards,  darts with excitement past the barrier to jump into her Momma's arms and cover her Momma with kisses, well, that's just Pure  Joy.

That's good stuff.

One of the very first things she told me was that her dad had forgotten her tights on Thursday and she had to go to gioca danza tight - less.  (It was unprompted by me.)  This girl was EXCITED to tattle on her daddy.

That's better stuff.

What she didn't know was that he had already shared that little mishap with me during a phone conversation while she was having her lesson.  Evidently he jokingly used the deadly, "Don't tell Mommy that I forgot your tights," which put this information right at the top of her list of things to tell Momma about her week.

Don't you love little kids?

A Snow Storm in March

He didn't instruct her not to tell that he brought her out in a snow storm without her hat and with my favorite froggie woolen mittens that are useless in the snow, so she failed to give me those details.  Good thing he did bring my million dollar camera into that snow storm to document it all.

I had a great week but am happy to be home with these 2.



  1. She is adorable with yummy chocolate eyes.

  2. Mine wouldn't even have bothered to take photos, so at least he scores points for that!!! Happy weekend- K

  3. It sounds like the trip was worthwhile, if only so you could have that greeting! Welcome back!