14 March 2010

oratorio san teobaldo

San Teobaldo (St. Theobald) was born into a noble French family & was raised to be a soldier.  He had a different idea, became a pilgrim, and along with a friend, headed to Rome.  After a time in Rome, he was destined for the Holy Land, via Venice.  Along the journey, his buddy fell ill & they stopped in "Salanigo," near Vicenza. (I think that it's the modern day "Sossano.") Anyhow, he was quite a hermit, who attracted other hermits. . . and the rest is history. He was canonized in 1073.

Why?  Well, this Oratorio San Teobaldo is in my little village and these images are from a recent walk we took together.  I pass it frequently, without a clue of its meaning or significance.  Now I know just a little bit more.  Knowledge.


  1. Pigeons must be thanking the Italians for all the 'statuesque' parking they've provided them. It seems no head is safe! Nice pics.- K

  2. Thanks for the nice little history lesson. Cute little town!

  3. What a bizarre little building! (Beautiful and dramatic, though, with that impossibly blue sky framing it.)

  4. Great pictures, great story, but right now I'm just drooling over that blue, blue sky. Amazing!