16 March 2010

tiny irises

Last year was the first time I ever planted a bulb:  yellow tulips.  I was quite proud of myself concerning those tulips.  Those have sprouted again this year, and I'm anxious to see what the flowers will be like.  Meanwhile, in November we filled a section of our little plot of land out back with a mixture of bulbs.

The first to flower are these tiny irises.

I am eager to see what comes up next; I simply can't recall what types of bulbs I put in the ground in November.   The Young One and I check the plot each morning -- it won't be long before we see the next flowers.


  1. It's a sure sign of spring! I love bulbs, I never remember where or what they are, and yet every year they faithfully sprout!

  2. Nice DOF on that first shot. My nephews school sold bulbs as a fundraiser last Fall and I planted a bunch which are now coming up. Like you, I can't remember what is in the ground so it's been fun guessing. BTW, do Italian schools fundraise the same way as American schools? So far this year I have bought flowers, cookie dough, chili, a brick, and a sweatshirt! M was such a little guy when we were in Italy that I think his school didn't bother-- and half the time they kept me in the dark since no one spoke English. I think they were always nervous when they had to speak with me- haha!

  3. Thanks, Karen. No fundraising, yet. She starts elementary school next year, so we'll see. I, however, doubt that anyone approaches it with as much gusto as Americans.