24 March 2010

corner view / italy

corner view / italy:  typical architecture

Andrea Palladio, "arguably the most influential architect of all time," is a son of Northern Italy.  

Essentials of Palladian Style
• Simple, geometric layout with main hall in the middle of plan 
• Pediment-topped entrance 
• Use of loggias over central rooms 
• Perfect symmetry 
• Sharp-edged cubical blocks 
• Simple, sparse statuary 
• Plain stucco exterior 
• Pilasters running from pavement to cornice 
• Functional but with harmonious proportions 
• Arch flanked by rectangular spaces 

Source:  Martin Gani for Discovery Channel Magazine

One (of the many) of his famous buildings is located near my daughter's school, so we've seen it every single school day for nearly five years now. 

Palladio's collection, The Four Books of Architecture, provided inspiration for Jefferson's Monticello;  even our beloved White House  is built partially in Palladian style. (Click on over to the White House -- it's an exciting time in American History.)

You could plan a trip to Northern Italy with the sole purpose of visiting his buildings. People do, you know.

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  1. Your daughter is so beautiful, I hardly noticed the building behind her! She has the sweetest smile. xo

  2. Well. . . I'd have to agree! In the photo, I was trying to document her more than the building, and when this topic arose, I thought this series perfect. Adaptability, you see :)

  3. Very interesting! Always fun to learn new things...thanks for the lesson.

  4. Tangential question, what happened on the school for next year front?

  5. I am seething with envy right now. You see it every day?!

  6. You make me homesick. Driving by a Wal Mart everyday just isn't the same.

  7. What a beautiful buildidng. I have never heard of this style before. Thank you for sharing something new with me.

  8. Your daughter is gorgeous!

    In my book, Italy has the best architecture. Anywhere.

  9. I agree with Michelle, driving past Walmart everyday just isn't the same. I know the Dutch in particular are big fans of Palladio. My grandmother was so excited when she heard we were moving to Vicenza and was the first one to tell me about Palladio.

  10. Such a grand building. Thanks for telling us so much about Palladio - a little architectural lesson for today.

  11. that model's indeed distracting everyone from the subject at hand ;)