26 March 2010


Mysteries Solved
  • At least some of the bulbs out back are daffodils:  beautiful, bright yellow daffodils to remind me of a favorite Wordsworth poem.
  • The Young One has been accepted into one of the private (Catholic) schools in the city.  The school had an overwhelming number of requests this year, and for a long time, it was just impossibile to create another first grade section.  I suppose there was a bit of divine intervention because a second section is now available.  Would she have been selected into the first section?  We'll never know, will we? 
  • My heart is dancing with the daffodils because my husband is returning from a week away in Turkey today.  Is the happiness because of his return or the potential gifts he will have in his suitcase?  I'll never tell.

While it's great to finally identify the bulbs I selected for planting in the winter, other mysteries just don't need solving. Do they?

Hey. . . go read the poem, it's nice. I promise.
April is National Poetry Month, BTW.


  1. First, congratulations to Young One! I'm so glad she got into the school (and I have no doubt she was first pick for the first section). I know what a huge relief it must be for you just to have things settled.

    I'm glad your husband's coming home soon too. I'm definitely curious to see what's in his bag. Chris brought home some pretty amazing gifts last time he went to Turkey! ;)

    Your daffodils are so pretty--all that cheerful yellow!

  2. So glad she was accepted into one of the school you chose. We got daffodils too, but where's spring?