31 March 2010

corner view / italy

corner view/italy :: spring

I have tons of pictures of Spring.  After all, who doesn't like to photograph Spring?  These aren't my best, but they do demonstrate my favorite early Spring activities quite well.  I worked in that garden for 4 hours Sunday.  This weekend I have plans for more.

(I found the demijohn at the glass recycling bin -- one man's trash, another man's treasure.)

For more views of Spring across the globe, see Jane in Spain.


  1. Dana I love that green jug! Spring is also for seeing what one man tosses in his trash for my treasure of the day. I'm taking an online photoshop- I love your header. I should have you take my final. Smile... xo

  2. I can't wait till our garderner is showing up to help us a hand and we can be outside all day!

    happy glasstreasure!

  3. I am so coveting your demijohn! Happy gardening!

  4. Have fun working in your garden this weekend. Happy Spring!

  5. Yes...love that glass jar...green with envy on that find! Happy spring planting.