01 April 2010


She did not give up, even on the awful antique board. 
That makes me one happy Momma.   

She does continue to crash her bike and Razor scooter, causing the need for boxes of Sponge Bob Bandaids.  I suppose she is readjusting to life outside and searching for her limit.
No more races, I tell her.

She has no fear, but she has a piercing scream when she crashes.
Just ask the neighbors.  They love it.

A little bit of fear is a good thing.
How do you teach that? 


  1. Young One is wearing nearly the exact same outfit as my daughter in my recent post: http://michdustviv.blogspot.com/2010/03/dance-dance-party.html
    Of course Young One went with the crown rather than the tutu.

  2. I do love this post. She's absolutely beautiful, and I miss her:)