01 April 2010



Today spring has arrived and play outside has recommenced in our neighborhood.
 My daughter met our neighbor's new pet turtle or tartaruga.
She hasn't thought of his name yet.  
Any suggestions?

Oh, and one more thing, there's a photo contest being hosted by Emily and her friends over at Communal Global.  Hop on over.  Enter your best "today" image for a chance for (promised) fabulous prizes.   There's sure to be lots of great entries, but, who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to post a picture in the contest! (I've been secretly hoping you would.) And this is a great image! So sweet!

    As for names, hmmm...tomorrow morning I'll ask Katherine. She'll love to throw her ideas into the turtle-naming hat!

    Thanks, Dana!

  2. What a sweet capture! (and...aren't all turtles called Speedy? Either that, or Frank ;D)

  3. I wanted a turtle so badly as a little girl!

    I think she should go with something super-pretentious like:

    Charles Victor Kingsbury the third (even if there was no "the first" or "the second"!)

    If the turtle is a girl...then Edwina - all the way.

    Glad I could help ;)

    I so enjoyed peeking into your world! What WOULDN'T I give to live in Italy? It just sounds like the height of charming in every way!

  4. Oh how wonderful to have a friend with a turtle! I can't imagine how exciting that must have been for your daughter. This picture is lovely. It reminded me of happy childhood days and it totally made me smile. So glad you saw this contest on Emily's page and you entered! We are delighted to have you! Welcome!

  5. Love the curious little fingers touching the turtle ;) So glad you entered!

  6. Ah, the wonder of discovery... :) I love the look on their faces as they study the turtle.

    SO glad you joined in the fun today. :)

  7. Ciao Dana,

    How about Ralphie, or Frankiln? Come see our music giveaway. :)


  8. How sweet and gentle they are being.

    I'm horrible with animal names...how about "George?"

  9. What a sweet, sweet photo. Wonderful moment to have captured!

  10. This is such a great picture! I love the concentration on their little faces.

    As for names, my daughter always names things after herself...but that tends to get confusing :) I like Lola Letters' suggestion about going with something super pretentious!