03 April 2010



Yesterday I entered my first-ever photography contest.  I'm really not a contest kinda girl -- unless, of course, I absolutely, positively know that I will win.  Wonder what that says about my psyche!  At any rate,  I did it for other reasons & I'm breathing easily about it today.

I took the same image and ran a Pioneer Woman PS action -- "PW's B&W," tweaked it a bit and created this effect on the image.  I like the black and white better.  I just do.  Richard likes the color. I took his advice and posted that one yesterday.  What do you think?

Have you entered the contest yet?  It's not too late as it's open until April 5.  Go.  Enter.  Go.  Check out their project.  I like it.  I just do.  It's a lot like Nie and You -- but with several woman from across the globe. It's like Corner View, but with all the images in one spot allowing for a lot less clicking.  It's cool.

Me. . . I'm headed to the garden before the storms arrive.
Have a great day!


  1. I'm really glad you entered the contest, and I really like this picture. It's amazing how different it looks in black and white! I'm trying to decide which one's my favorite, but it's hard.

    The black and white shot looks a little more...timeless, maybe? Classic? It looks like an artistic representation of childhood wonder, which I love.

    The color shot seems more specific though, and more immediate. It looks like a moment you've captured: a happy moment in the life of an individual child (or two!) and HER sense of wonder. I can see why your husband likes the color shot best!

    Either way, it's a great picture!

  2. I think the photo is excellent either way, but I prefer it in black and white. I think the composition is more harmonious without the color, and for some reason that I can't explain, I think it also conveys more of a sense of wonder. Good luck!

  3. i also prefer the photo in black and while. because...i don't know! i'm never good at explaining why i like a photo. i suppose, like emily said, it is more timeless.

    i'm dragging my feet on entering this contest. the topic is tripping me up. can't decide what "today" is. and am not a big contest person.

    so you use photoshop and not elements? did you teach yourself or take a class? i'm contemplating getting photoshop once we get back to the states, but wondering if i could actually make it work enough to make it worthwhile...