10 March 2010

corner view/italy

corner view / italy ::  miniature worlds

In the stairwell of our house, I have a watercolor of the rooftops of Assisi and several terra cotta figures of the city of Lucca.  Bella Lucca.  Lucca is perhaps the city that I have returned to most frequently in my travels within Italy. To have a miniature version of it to glance at each time I exit the house just makes me happy. Go there.  I promise it will make you happy, too.

For more corner views, see Jane in Spain.


  1. hey. those terra cotta houses are very pretty indeed. will look it up right now. who knows. next trip?

    but... where's pretty barcelona? you're already abandoning us? :P

  2. Beautiful my friend! xo

  3. Lucca was on our radar screen when we were house hunting in Tuscany!

  4. I love these little houses from Lucca. This is one city I have always wanted to visit.