07 March 2010

pruning, flowing, blooming

Winter's End in My Piccolo Paese

The farmers are pruning.

The stream is flowing.

The first flowers are blooming.

Are you seeing the signs that winter is ending? People are certainly blogging about it lately; however, it's a bit premature -- my friends in Germany saw seven inches of snow Saturday.  Winter is coming on strong in Deutschland while most folks are yearning for Spring . . . but, hey, look on the bright side of life:  still time to hit the slopes!

piccolo paese = small village


  1. I saw some hyacinths on one our walks around town last week, that was a surprise! The weather changed on Saturday, though, so I wonder how they're faring. I love all three of those photos, and tell me, how did you get both the flowers and the fencing in focus together? My camera would have refused to do such a thing.

  2. Thanks Karen. The truth is that I usually shoot in "P" mode and don't know much about what I am doing. I indulged in a serious lens that can do everything, to include the dishes. With that photo I just continued to fool with the zoom and had the camera refocus several times by using the shutter button trick - that would be pressing it, a lot.
    I really enjoy photography, but I don't really know exactly how to work my camera. I am, however, a bit better with PS once it's out of the camera. I have CS4 & love it!
    Have a great day!