02 March 2010

no shirley temple

I don't always know what will bring the most excitement to this five (almost six) year-old-girl.  I can't begin to explain the pure magic of these rollers:  the giggles, the dancing, the singing, the mirror-gazing. . . all for the potential of some curls. She wouldn't even hold still for a picture, thus the fuzzy image.

The next morning, when the curls were much less than expected, and she was not exactly a twin of Shirley Temple or her curly, red-headed friend Chiara, well, then the house went to hell and back in a matter of minutes. I tried to explain:  "We had only 6 rollers; your hair is thin; we had no mousse; you move A LOT in your sleep." She wouldn't hear it and pushed me to my Mean Mommy place at 6:45 am on a Tuesday morning.

I put in an order for a large package of sponge rollers today.  It's on, Baby Girl.  It's on.  You want curls?  I'll give you curls.

man, i love this kid.  


  1. That is too cute. I used to sleep in those sponge rollers, and I can't wait to do it with G., although her hair might be naturally curly (!). I'll be waiting for more pictures!

  2. She asked for a "Beauty Shop" session again tonight, so I just finished rolling 'em up. Hopefully tomorrow morning she'll have lower expectations and it'll go more smoothly.

    She told me that when she gets big she wants to own a beauty shop and that I could come for free. Unless, that is, I want something really nice, and then I should pay.

    The irony in all of this is, of course, I am in no way a beauty shop kind of gal . . . not at all. I own a hair dryer and that's about it. I got the rollers because she asked me to & I like little surprises.

  3. oh my goodness, her excitement in that photo is almost tangible! same thing happens here with my oldest when things don't meet up to expectations. good luck tomorrow!

  4. I, too, used to wear the pink sponge rollers to bed. Tip: when you roll them, her hair should not be wet. It won't dry during the night and then when you take out the rollers, they will go flat. I'd also guess that if her hair is very thin and straight that hair spray would work right after you unroll. Good luck. I can't wait to see the next session.


  5. Thanks for the tip Leslie; I would have done it soaking wet! lol
    I feel a beauty shop session coming on in Boston this summer. Are you up for it?

  6. It's amazing how important this is to 5 year old girls. I bought Goody Pillow Soft Rollers for my 5 year old. They are easy to put in, easy to sleep in, and produce lovely curls in fine hair. I usually put about 6 rollers on the top of her hair and that's enough to create a look she loves (use them with dry hair). Here's a link to show you what they are...they are easier than the typical sponge rollers. http://www.tenderheaded.com/goodpilsofro.html

  7. This story is so sweet! can't wait to "play" with Gaia like that when she's older :)

    Beautiful photo, just love it!


  8. Oh, it make me sad that her curls didn't turn out. I hope it works better the second time around.

  9. I totally understand the excitement for the potential of some curls (in my case, I'd also add the possibility of red hair ...)

  10. a girl has GOT to have her curls. you're only 5, almost 6, once!

  11. Thanks for all of the tips ladies. Once we get our act together here, I'll be sure to post the results.