05 April 2010

cold, damp easter

We had a picnic in the park with friends planned for yesterday. Instead, we settled for the kitchen table and living room floor at the home of those friends.  The food was excellent and the company better, making up for the cold, damp Veneto Easter that Mother Nature handed us.  Certainly there was no shortage of all things chocolate throughout our day.

Initially the Young One was quite disappointed that we weren't headed to the park, but within minutes of entering the home, her sadness faded.  It really is about the people and connections with those people, isn't it?

And, "Geode," that was my fabulous Bananagram word -- impressed?  I certainly was.  If you check out the average complexity of my other words, then the reason for excitement should be clear.


  1. (Very) cold, (very) damp and good company: sounds just like our easter!

  2. The cake looks heavenly and it looks like you had a lovely time despite the weather.