06 April 2010

no corner view / italy

No excuse.
Just didn't do it.

I did snap this photo Monday instead:

 Pasquetta 2010
Our Village

Go see Jane in Spain for more Corner Views.  The theme this week is "vending machines" and is likely to be quite interesting.  Here we can still get cigarettes and cappuccinos from vending machines -- maybe I'll get a shot in the teacher work room tomorrow and have a Corner View afterall. . . . of the coffee machine, no cigarette one in there.  Don't hold me to it, these are busy times.


  1. It is a great photo though! smile... xo

  2. What a gorgeous photo! I didn't do CV either this week, but my exuse is that we are away on spring break.

  3. Actually, my husband and I will be in Italy Sept 3rd through the 18th. The first week in Milan the second in Rome. I can't wait!

  4. Can you believe it, we're still wearing winter coats?!

  5. But it is a very beautiful picture :)