21 April 2010

corner view / italy

corner view/italy :: earth day

How about a local gift of the earth?   One of the important crops in our village is piselli (peas).


After the plants are about an inch or two out of the earth, elaborate (yet simple, right?) systems of netting to support the growing peas are constructed in the fields.

More Peas, Ready to Climb

In mid-May the village will host a pea festival where locals will serve up countless portions of bisi (dialect for piselli) to visitors from far and near.  It's good stuff.

Jane has gone fishing; meanwhile, hop on over to visit Joyce, who is hosting Corner View this week.


  1. Beautiful rows of bisi! Now we need some real spring weather for them to grow and be ready by mid May!

  2. How cool to attend the pea festival. Especially since I love my peas! Thanks my friend. xo

  3. I like peas. I can just imagine all the lovely pasta dishes with peas in them. Yum!