24 April 2010


We visited the town of Roussillion and walked along paths of her ochre cliffs.  The ochre pigments in the clay of the area were once in high demand, and the area was home to serious mining.  Modern technologies has ceased the need for it, so today the areas are open to visitors, like you and me.

Child's Menu @ a Cafe in Roussillion

I'm sure that one day she will scold me for dressing her to look like a dizzy rainbow.  This whole color explosion did not fit well with the average French mode of dress -- which I noticed to be variations of blue and tan.

You can read more about Roussillion here or here.

The remaining Provence photos has been posted to Flickr -- my first use of it . . . still thinking of what I think of that.


  1. The red clay reminds me of Georgia!
    That is also the coolest kid menu that I have ever seen, but I am sure it didn't come with kid prices.

  2. I love all of the vibrant colors...in the dirt, doors, and attire! Off to check out your flickr shots.

  3. ha ha ha we ran into a children's menu like that in Prague. A children's menu full of entrees that an adult would be happy to eat.