29 May 2010

the fests have begun

It's sagra & fest time!  A sagra is  . . . well, I've learned that it's a lot of things.  Often, it's a fair or festival organized to celebrate a local crop or harvest -- like the pea and cherry sagre in this village and the neighboring one.  It's often (not always) connected to the church parish which receives a portion of the proceeds.  (The local church sent out its financial records to everyone in the village this year & I learned that the pea sagra is a source of its income.)  Generally, there is entertainment -- local cover bands or children dancing or acrobats or country music dj's, and there are rides or blow-up slides for kids.   It is a celebration, a reason to get together, to eat well, to enjoy the entertainment.  I like that.  It reminds me of home.

There is always something going on in South Louisiana. Always.  If I were there this weekend, I'd like be attending the Jambalya Festival in my sister's town or maybe the Bayou Country Superfest (new to me) so Young One could get a glimpse of Taylor Swift.   There's the Jazz Fest, the Andouille Fest, the Bonfire Fest, the French Quarter Fest, the Catfish Fest, the Sugar Cane Fest, the Balloon Fest, the Strawberry Fest, the Essence Fest -- just to name a few that come to mind.

Friday night we went to the eighth annual "Pizza. . . Solo Pizza," in Montegaldella, organized by the GGP -- Gruppo Giovani Protagonisti di Montegalda & not connected to the church parish or a local product.  Good food & good fun.

This is the second time I've seen portable pizza ovens in Italy.  The first was at a pizza fest in Napoli.  The pizza was better there -- it always is! 

I love pizza topped with rucola.  Is it a salad or is it a pizza?

Makes bedtime easier. . . .

First time I've seen this:  Alcohol tests (sobriety tests) are available upon request for 2 Euros.  

Tonight we are headed to the Cherry Sagra in the next town over. . . and we'll likely find others for the following weekend and the next.  This is a link to an (incomplete) list of local sagre.


  1. Alcohol testing! That is practical, considering the strict drunk driving laws in Italy.

  2. Thank you for the schedule! With this being my last opportunity to take advantage, I'm taking advantage.

  3. I am definitely regretting not buying tickets for Bayou Country Superfest. Hopefully they have it next year, and I decide to actually go then!

  4. We head to Branson, MO in the morning and it is the Blue Grass Festival. I am hoping to get my hands on some good BBQ.