26 May 2010

green AND red

. . . . and if green is not your thing, how about a bit of red, or purple, as Young One describes them.

The local cherry harvest coincides with that of the peas.  I much prefer the cherries over the peas.  Go figure.   Growing up, the only cherries I knew came in a jar and went into cocktails or on top of the (rare) banana split at Baskin Robins.  If I was a good girl, an adult would share the liquor-soaked cherry with me.  Ahhh. . . those were the days, no?

The Castagnero cherries are available at the sagra this weekend, or you can stop by the town any time and look for (a) people sitting out in cherry orchards with stacks of them on tables or (b) signs that say something like "Vendita Ciliegie."  There are many trees in these parts and many folks willing to sell the fruits of their labor, even in my village.  It's worth a trip out.


  1. Yum. My oldest would be in heaven. Those look so delicious. We are just beginning to get a few cherries here, but they are not looking so good. I think they are from Spain.

  2. Cherries just came into the market here this week too. I bought a big bag of them and plan to dig into them tonight. Saw your comment about spaetzel on the other blog. You can make it using a box cheese grater.

  3. I like the story of the cherries in your childhood - little different from mine:) Happy weekend Dana!