10 May 2010

lunch for the mothers

My girlfriend confessed:  When my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, where I would like to dine,  my one-and-only answer was American-style steak and baked potatoes at home -- potatoes slathered in sour cream & butter  and topped with chives.  A steady diet of grains & greens will do that to a woman.  I am quite certain that everyone present for this Mother's Day Lunch was thankful for her choice.

The Table

Adam's Plate

My Plate

The View from Her Terrace

It was as good as it looks.  All of it.   Is it lame to post about Mother's Day and not include pictures of children or mothers?  They were there, too, I promise.  I just didn't take a picture of one single person.  In fact, besides these 4 shots the only other I managed was a shot of a chair hammock in the trees.

Chair Hammock in Her Yard

Don't you wish you were there now?

I hope your day was grand.


  1. I do wish I was there. This is an amazing time of year to be in Italy. Love May!

  2. ok, i'll be there in 8 hours for dinner! delicious in all ways. happy mommy's day!

  3. Love to have both of you!
    This was actually the only sunny day in a string of rain-filled ones. . .. lucky us, I guess.


  4. The food all looks delicious! And as silly as this may sound, I love your olive bowl