17 May 2010

toxic anxiety

We survived our weekend in the woods with the strangers.  Because of the unending rain and generally damp earth, we spent most of our time in a big city 100 km away from our secluded hippy commune oasis -- a big city with indoor activities for kids.   When I have time to gather my thoughts, I'll share some of them here.  As usual, the contrasts were many -- making it all even more interesting to me.

There was much anxiety in our house leading up to this on-again / off-again overnight gita scolastica.  A lot.  So much that you could see it radiating from the windows.  Radioactive anxiety.

"Why did we agree to do this?
Oh yeah, the kid.
Maybe it's time for the kid to experience a bit of disappointment in her life.
Privileged little urchin."

Toxic Anxiety.

All is good, now.
And I even have some new Facebook* friends.
How you like them apples?!


*(Facebook.  Is that my measure of social success?  Pathetic! )


  1. I think you've earned yourself a medal.

  2. You made me laugh. Yes our children are very priviladged. Oh, my sons birthday is actually on the 16th. I just posted it early because I had so much going on.

  3. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Francy?

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