05 June 2010


lots of celebrations at this time of year
it's been a busy week

an end-of-year gioca danza show

a birthday out back

tonight we're meeting colleagues and friends to celebrate one teacher's retirement and another teacher's transfer to an island in the Atlantic
i think we'll also all be unofficially celebrating the ending of another successful school year


  1. Hi Dana! What a small world!! Thank you for your comment and how random!! I love when things like this happen, the small connections. We had a great time having Michael and Amber over, it had been years since we had last seen eachother so lots of catching up. I see you not only visit Spain Daily but Dim sum and Crawfish too! Perhaps I will meet you in Italy some time, hoping to visit Amber in Vicenza in the fall.
    Will certainly be popping back more often, take care!

  2. I love it! Hot dogs and Hamburgers even in Italy. Your daughter looks so cute in her ballet costumes.

  3. these are precious! let the celebrations begin. and who are you calling a city girl? ;) hugs!