03 June 2010

on being late

I have this thing about being late: I hate it.  I am okay with being "fashionably late" when appropriate, but if there is a meeting, event, or appointment that in my mind requires punctuality, then I need to be on time.  In fact, I like to be early, by a lot.  Sometimes I'll even arrive so early that I wait in the car a bit or take a walk around the block;  I'm okay with that -- I like it.  I find peace in it.  

I won't even consider going into a movie that has begun, even if it's just the trailers.  When I was still teaching, I required students to be seated in their desks with journals and pens at the ready before the tardy bell sounded.  I refuse to go on organized group tours;  do I need to explain?

My uber-punctuality doesn't always jive with the local culture, or the other two folks in our Party of 3.

Young One and Richard wait  for the meeting to start at the scuola elementare.
They ask, "Are we the first ones to arrive again?"

What's your quirk?

(iPhone photo -- getting better, no?)


  1. I can't go to bed without the house being clean. No dishes in the sink for me. Not judging anyone, but it just drives me crazy.

  2. Ha! That would be my husband's quirk! I'm fortunate that this his one of his quirks, along with tidiness in general.

  3. Young One's face is priceless in this picture. I was an early person until I had kids. Now I'm on time-ish.

  4. I'm usually 10 mins. late, but I'm changing! Your daughter is so cute.