14 June 2010

keeping cool at the pool

Working for the US government on a military base overseas does come with a certain set of perks.  We have free access to a state-of-the-art gym facility and three pools to choose from.  While one pool is open year round, the other two have recently reopened for the summer season.

Sunday morning Young One enjoys one of the three free pools available to us.

For two hours Sunday morning, we were essentially the only people (except for a few sunbathers) at this  pool;  it was like being in Grandma's back yard, except with teen lifeguards and no Grandma & Paw or cousins.  (Okay, so maybe I'm using my imagination just a tad. Homesickness & heat will do that to you.)


  1. Which pool was this? I want to start taking Jericho but I don't want to go to a pool that's crowded.

  2. What's an art gym? Three pools and only a few sunbathers is good perks!

  3. It is 95 today here in Georgia. Hopefully, it is a little cooler by you. However, it feels like a 105 with the himidity. The only way to spend summer is by and in the pool.

  4. Sorry, Francesca. . . my poor editing led to your confusion -- state-of-the-art gym, is what I meant.

    We were at the Ederle Inn pool. I prefer it to the others. . . but that's just me. Sunday mornings it opens at 10; we had it to ourselves for a couple of hours when several families showed up. Some people prefer Villagio pool, but I think it's a bit more wild.

    Nothing beats the summer heat like a pool. I only wish we had one close by.

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