16 June 2010

corner view

corner view :: daily
Daily Photo
A slice of each day this week captured

Young One excitedly joined her dad in the seat for a test drive.
Was the car in motion?  I'll never tell.
We went out for a pizza at "Country" with some
parents of kids in Young One's asilo.
The kids were at another pizzeria in town . . .
with their teachers and swim coaches.
Friends joined us for a  leisurely & late dinner at home.
 We are quickly slipping into the routine of late summer nights.
Richard rose early to run errands Saturday morning while Young One and I slept.
I made her French toast with Mirella's fresh eggs when we finally rolled out of bed.
Richard and I attended my school's graduation ceremony at
Teatro Olimpico; we both cried, a lot.  If these kids represent youth
across America, then we are in good hands, folks.  

Monday was the first day of the last week of
Young One's final year in asilo.  

I joined colleagues to bid farewell to our students as they departed the
school by bus on their final day of the school year; we work until the end 
of this week. Do you think the students know that we look forward to this 
day as much as they do?

Tuesday eveing a friend arrived via Rome on a rather large, impressive motorcyle. . . . more on his adventures later.

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  1. wow Dana, this is a fancy post! How did you do the postcard style photo avec text? I see you've started the countdown, soon it's summer holiday!

  2. I love your daily recap. What a great way to capture the week.

  3. It's part Photoshop and part a new feature in "blogger in draft."
    It's fun, but time consuming.

    I might do this capturing again. . . maybe.

  4. each day is a gem... but you KNOW which one is my favorite, right? french. toast. that pottery. i look at it and feel light-headed. so beautiful.

    and congratulations on making it through another school year. what do you teach, dana?

    p.s. so flattered to be on your blog roll. it's an honor!

  5. Oh my! I love your daily recap and your photos are amazing!! I just added you to my Google reader because I have to keep up with you! Thanks for visiting my blog, and so glad you found me!

  6. Hi Cate,
    The blue stuff? It's from Poland. I went there myself and selected piece after piece. . . it was heaven. I'm ready to go again! Game??
    Currently, I am the high school information specialist (librarian).

    Hi Natalie --
    I found you via Emily -- she used the word "gullet" quite well, doncha think?

  7. this was wonderful. love seeing slices of your life. thanks dana!