18 June 2010

katy's little differences

Katy, an American living in Luxembourg, has a series on her blog called "Little Differences."  In the series she does a fine job of showcasing the little differences that she encounters in her life in Europe; I especially appreciate that she does it without passing judgment.  I sometimes write about these contrasts as well,  but I am admittedly not nearly as organized as she is and haven't managed to collect a series quite like hers.  I do, however, have grand plans. . . Ha!

So, this is for Katy -- the organized collector of differences. . . .

This (huge) billboard has been popping up all over my area.  Just so you know, they are selling pet food. (Warning: flesh is exposed.)

Click here for a peek:
Almo Nature

That's different.
Certainly different.
Material deemed appropriate for billboards is quite different.

Have a great weekend!
School is finally out.


  1. Dana!?!? What a super nice post. Thank you. I'm glad you feel my Little Differences come off as being non judgmental. It is really something I strive for because it's honestly how I feel.

    As for the pet food ads. Holy Cow. Different indeed.

    Have to watch the end of the U.S. Slovenia game - we just tied it up!!! So exciting.

  2. You are very welcome! I really do like your "just the facts" approach to it. Can't wait to see more! I'm trying to think of a way to better organize my posts that highlight the differences as well but haven't managed that just yet.

    PS. I don't have ton of readers, so I suspectbthat this won't result in increased traffic for you.

  3. haha! after living here i´m so used to seeing breasts plastered everywhere... :)

  4. ha! we were just in venice (last week??) and i saw these everywhere. i thought it was just some sort of venetian thing...related to theatre and masks...or something. i didn't really think about it, but it never would have occurred to me that they were for pet food!

  5. Emily,
    Yep. . .pet food. I don't even think that it qualifies as using sex to sell because it really isn't sexy at all, is it. It's quite primative. My daughter and her friends dont' even notice the bodies as much as the animals.

    How was Venice???

  6. venice was nice. we went without the children, which made it even nicer! it was definitely a bit too touristy to make it onto my list of favorite places in europe, but i'm so glad we got to go! today is our last day in our apartment, and then we go into a hotel for ten days. i should be able to do some major catch up on the blog once we're all done with this packing madness (movers come tomorrow).

  7. Yep. I know what you mean about Venice; I feel the same. I'm sure that if I took the time to learn the city, then it could be different for me. There are lots of paths there that I haven't walked, that many tourists don't walk. . . .
    The thing is that I don't really have the desire to discover that authentic Venice. Bad, I know.

    good luck with the move. . . see you on the other end.


  8. Love her little series..yes, sometimes the ads are weird and they aren't nearly as sophisticated as American ones..at least in old-school Austria. I talk about differences, but I almost always pass a little judgment. Hey, most of the time I think Americans could learn from the Euro ways.