25 June 2010

mary, mary quite contrary

garden flowers
Roses and Lavender Cut from My Garden Today

I've been quite hesitant to claim it, to name it, but I think the time has arrived, my friends.
Yes, I am a gardener.
I have moved from "she who enjoys buying plants and, occasionally, seeds" to "she who successfully nurtures those plants and seeds into something special."
Yes, I am a gardener.
I have the green thumb . . . . maybe even two.

Thank you, thank you very much.

PS.  I am very well aware that this likely could not be possible without the watchful eye of my Italian neighbor Ferruccio, who sets me straight the moment I err and who likely sprays my roses with pesticides when I am not looking.


  1. Can you send Ferruccio my way? I need a garden sprite to help me battle my various infestations. We picked our first tomato and made salsa today. It was too yummy.

  2. HA! I am fairly certain that ye beloved Ferruccio has never left Italia, most likely he's never ventured further than the Veneto. Sorry. . . you'll have to find your own Southern sprite!