22 August 2010


While visiting friends in Boston this summer, we took a quick trip out to the American Girl store. Yep. We took the plunge. Okay, so Richard was not a part of this extravagance as he was already back in Italy. It was me, all me. And, honestly, I was delighted, absolutely delighted, to do it. (I've discovered that the AG empire is loathed by many modern mothers. Not me.)


Of course, having my friend Leslie who is the ultimate lover of all things girly there with us was a treat. We both helped Young One select a doll she thinks most resembles her & then enjoyed lunch at AG Cafe.


I was privy to the fact that one of her best buds had the same experience in Dallas earlier in the summer and another visited the Boston store the previous summer. I had visions of hours of play upon our return to Italy -- play that would surpass Barbies and Pollys.

And so it went.


As per Young One's request, we prepared a tea party for girls and dolls. American Girl Cafe ain't got nothin' on me.
Young One created the menus and meticulously set her little table, to include a flower from the garden. The girls decorated cookies and then enjoyed pink lemonade, prosciutto crudo, Asiago cheese, peach slices, and grapes, while I waited on them as attentively as any cafe waitress.


They played through the afternoon and late into the evening when they paused only to watch an AG movie. They woke the next morning and played some more. They made plans for the next play date.

The play is loving, nurturing, innocent, joyful . . . how could I loathe that? (I know, I know, I know . . . "How much did that doll cost?")


  1. Great post! When you share moments like that, I can see what my future has in store. You should learn to sew (or teach Young One) so that you can make more sun dresses for the doll.

  2. what wonderful pictures! your daughter looks like she's having SO much fun!!! i always wanted an american girl doll as a kid and never got one. i remember spending hours pouring over their catalogs--and this was when there was only three or four dolls to choose from. so i, of course, can hardly wait until my daughters are old enough to really appreciate and play with these dolls. for sure we will be doing this too! :) well, maybe not make it to one of the stores, though who knows!

  3. I will have to live vicariously through you and young one. It might be as close to pink as I get for at least some while.

  4. I love AG, too! I had a Kirsten doll and costume when I was growing up (because that was pretty much the only doll that was out back then...and now they're not even making her anymore!) and the girls and I had hours of fun playing with her together. Katherine wore the costume all over town and now I'm itching to buy her a doll of her own! I love that AG designed a line of dolls that isn't over-sexualized or skanky--and I don't even care that they're expensive!

    Great pictures, as always!

  5. I love American Girl! It's funny, I never played with dolls but when AG came out, I got Samantha and many of her accessories (I think my parents were relieved when I finally wanted one). They've since "retired" Samantha and I'm so bummed!
    Yeah, they're not cheap, but I think the historical periods they represent are a great way to learn about life in the past. I'm keeping mine for my own little girl...hopefully!

  6. What wonderful play! I remember playing like that with my cousin and our Barbies. What memories!

    I love the American Girls and their concept. I think all the loathing comes from the politics that the company publicly supports. An you know how that starts - it's in those darn forwarded mass emails. Who knows if it's even true.

  7. I'm sure that she will remember her trip to the shop and her tea-party forever. I still remember my favorite childhood dolls with love!

  8. How could anyone hate AG? I wish I'd had it available to me growing up. Maybe I'd be a little more girly now if I'd had an AG doll, lol.

  9. Wow. . . I'm happy to see the support and love for AG! And, Michelle, I have great plans to learn to sew . . . maybe this will be just the incentive.

    Thanks friends!

  10. I just saw the credit card charge for the AG Doll. Mamma Mia!
    Actually - it was worth every penny. Young One asked us to check AG's temperature today because she was worried that she might have a fever. We checked - all she needed was some extra TLC from her mommy.

  11. Thinking of taking the AG plunge this xmas for my girls. Thanks for going first :)