10 September 2010

a list of 12 -ing's

1. Processing an emergency call from a frantic friend and frightening visit to the ER in the wee hours of the morning earlier this week.

2. Searching for new camera lens to purchase for my yearbook students. 

3. Looking forward to Young One's first day of school on Monday. 

4. Debating a really short hair cut tomorrow morning.

5. Awaiting the arrival of Richard's cousin (who he met once when she was an infant) this evening. 

6. Anticipating a visit to my favorite restaurant after she arrives. 

7. Planning a visit with friends in Deutschland.

8. Dreading the pile of laundry.

9. Dancing with delight that my cleaning angel is finally back from her hiatus.

10. Dreaming of a career change.

11. Reading this.

12. Wondering if I need to be worried about formally teaching Young One to read in English.


  1. Three Cups of Tea is on my list to read too :)

  2. It's quite the story. He's quite the man.

  3. I loved Three Cups of Tea. The sequel is better, in my opinion, because it's written in first person.

    What brought you to the emergency room? Is everyone okay?


  4. Les,
    I'll send you an email. It was very frightening, but he seems to be okay. It's so difficult for me to finish books. I loose interest so easily, but I am hoping to get through this one. Maybe I'll pick up the sequel . .