12 September 2010

materiale didattico classe 1

This morning we are preparing for the big first day tomorrow by labeling every single school supply exactly as instructed.  I think.  I mean . . .  the part about doing it exactly the correct way.  Is there a correct way to label school supplies?  IDK.   I thought I'd share a bit of the differences in school supplies, as I mentioned previously.  As an educator, it's something that captures my interest; as a mother of a child about to experience her first day of primary school, it captures my heart.  Bear with me.

First up, the handy dandy astuccio.
Essentially it's a cross between a pencil case and cigar box, combined in a convenient three-zippered case.  It features "a place for everything and everything in its place."  At 27 Euro, this astuccio does not come cheaply.  I wonder if she'll be able to use it next year with a simple replenishment of supplies. Likely not.  Didn't you want a new pencil case each August?


I see the simple genius in the astuccio.  Don't you?   No place for good ole Crayola crayons in the astuccio; no problem -- they are not on the supply list.

Neither pocket folders nor composition books are on the list either.  Young One needs eleven notebooks, both quadernoni a quadri and quadernoni a righe di class 1.  Each notebook also has a flexible, semi-transparent, to-be-purchased-separately, color-specific jacket to protect it from the wear and tear a first grader can inflict upon it.


I've no idea of the reason for the difference in the types of paper in the notebooks.  I'm certain that it's one of those things that we'll learn, quickly, as soon as the school year sets in motion.

She has construction paper (a pack with a measley 10 pieces?), sketch paper, a large ruler, two types of folders (but not pocket folders), a ream of paper, and few other incidentals packed into her backpack ready for tomorrow's venture into the unknown.  There's a separate bag for the gym clothes with a new pair of velcro closure tennies because I've yet to teach her to tie her laces and doubt the gym teacher will be interested in doing so.

She'll also receive another Italian school essential: il diario (agenda, date book, planner) from her teacher in the first few days of school.  

And then there's the grembiule . . . 


The smocks are a tradition of the past that is still maintained in some schools, and while it is more common for the preschool set, all primary school students at Young One's new school are required to wear them.  I ordered three custom-made 100% cotton ones for her in June on the strong suggestion of a friend . . . because "only polyester ones can be found about town and we can't have these kids in synthetic fabrics, can we?" (But that's an entirely different post for another day!)  Honestly though, I much prefer the classic look of the ones I went all the way to Bassano to order over the others like this or this.

Tomorrow is the big day.
Anxiety is not high, yet.
Wish us luck.


  1. I learn so much from your posts! The pencil case looks so interesting (and even fun!) I do wonder about the "no crayons".... I've never heard of elementary school without crayons. Maybe it's an American thing.

    Good luck to you all tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day!

  2. HA! I'm learning a lot, too. One day at a time :)

  3. I'm drooling over the colored pencils.

  4. Hope the big day was a success Dana! Keep us posted!

  5. GREAT day! Details to follow.

  6. Love that smock! And all those brightly colored supplies! Can't wait to hear how everything went!

  7. I LOVED this article. You did a fantastic job covering the first day of school here. I feel like someone captured what it's like. You did a MUCH better job than I did. I went ahead and shared it on facebook. Our teachers told us it's okay to bring dad's shirt for a smock. So funny about the polyester, so true. Nothing but the best for our kids. I'm so happy I came across your blog today. Looking forward to reading more.


  8. Great post, I always wanted a new pencil case every year and so did my daughters :)