06 September 2010


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kids playing more
kids playing
sittin at the lake
girls on rocks with parents in back

Even the less-than-perfect weather didn't diminish the mood of the leisure time with friends on Lake Garda's northern shore at Riva del Garda.  We met our camping friends for a pleasant, stress-free Sunday surrounded by the natural wonder that is the province of Trentino.   I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day.  

PS.  I've finally convinced Richard that we, too, should be a camping family.  Let the fun begin. . . 

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  1. We always camped in the summers when our girls were young and skied in the winter, great family holiday memories. When were you at Lago di Garda only weather looks less than inviting? Was it this Sunday? It was lovely here yesterday but clouds must have drifted south as it looks a bit thundery outside now.

  2. Yep . . .this Sunday. It wasn't an awful day --just not exceptional weather.
    Hoping to get in more skiing this winter, too.

  3. Beautiful shots! I hope you get to enjoy camping. My daughter is excited to go this fall.

  4. You did well. I'm done with camping, and I don't think my boys will ever convince me that we are a camping family (my husband failed already). That's why I send them to the US by themselves: so they can camp there, and then come back and tell me all about it:)

  5. looks beautiful, despite the less than perfect weather! i too hope to be a camping family. it's not something i love while pregnant or with babies/small children, so since kids have been born we've only been once. thinking (hoping) we can get out next summer!

  6. Breathtaking views! I'd love our little family to be camping one too.

    Have a great day Dana.