03 September 2010

my girl's gift

"For you, Momma."

8/26/2010 // Six Years Old

Me:  "Wow.  This is fabulous.  And the snake!  I love the snake.  Where did you learn to make a snake like that?"
Young One:  "I just thought of it, and then I did it.  Do you like my tiger?  Put it on your wall, Momma."

I mean, really now, is there anything that compares to these little gifts of art? 

Have a peaceful weekend!  We've got a little bit of work and a little bit of play planned for our 3-day break.


  1. I really like the snake too! I will have to steal that idea the next time I make a tree.

  2. No nothing compares :) I still have some of my girls art stored away!

  3. Brooke,
    She swears she just "made it up." I love it, too. Hope that baby boy is adjusting a bit better now to his time zone.

  4. awwww! SO sweet! you're right, nothing compares.