13 October 2010

corner view/italy

corner view :: green

One way we've gone green is by using reusable (returnable) glass water bottles for our aqua frizzante habit.  We happen to prefer the kind in the green bottle.


This is a repost from 8.31.2010 to read the rest of the post, go here.
Life is almost back to normal here.

For more corner views, visit Jane (or whoever else may be hosting this week, yikes, sorry).


  1. that is ofcourse a clever way to go green. we do it for milk, and after the move... can't wait to have all our drinks delivered to the house (such luxury too) by someone who talks friendly, and everything glass bottled.

  2. Hey Dana, I just read something about bathrooms, and thought of you:):)

  3. Joking.
    Sparkling water in a glass bottle is a joy. Happy day!

  4. i think it is a wonderful ideat to recyle your green bottles my friend. xo

  5. Oh ... here in Vienna we do it with the local wine :)
    ps: i hope the building covered with green leaves in my post changes colors soon.

  6. I just read the detailed post. amazing that you get such a delicacy where I live for such a good deal.