03 October 2010

happy sunday


Word of the day:   gonfiabili -- among possible other meanings, it's the word used locally to refer to those oh-so-fun inflatable bounce houses and slides.  They are very popular at local festivals and birthday parties.

Live nearby?  Want to rent one for your next gettogether, check here.  (Spied this website at a b-day party yesterday.)  And how cool is this human fussball game, or this surfing simulator?

blowup house

Have a great day :)  We're off to a friend's home for a lunch of paella. Yum.

1 comment:

  1. We rented one of these inflatables for our littlest first birthday party and hired a neighbor kid to watch the children. It was the best thing we ever did because we actually got to enjoy our own party. Hope you had a good time at your friends.