04 October 2010

sick day

4-up on 2010-10-04 at 15.00 #9

Stomach Bug is visiting our house this gray Monday.
Things are going much better now than they were at 5 am.
Looks like we are on the road to a full recovery.
Of course, all could change again once the sun sets.
This is a pattern with her, my child who is rarely sick.
She saves the worst for the wee hours.

Why is that, do you suppose?

(Photo taken with Photo Booth on my MacBook Pro while having way too much fun on a sick day. Richard and I divided the day between the two of us:  I returned home for the latter part of the day by the time she was feeling a bit better.  Lucky girls.)


  1. I wish I knew the answer to that question. At my house, all the worst stuff happens at 4am. It's true for both of my kids. Any explanation I can come up with is just a guess, but it's not much fun in any case.

    I hope that last night was OK.

  2. Is she feeling better? Does she still like school? Is she meeting new people?


  3. She's fine now; it was a short-lived bug.
    She LOVES her school. We are relieved. She loves that there are so many in her class.