30 October 2010

a mean witch

My Little Witch
(The poses are all her own and she is quite serious.)

The days of pumpkins, lady bugs, Disney characters, and fairies are over in this house, I'm afraid.  This year Young One insisted on being a witch, and not just any witch, a sssccaarrryyy and mean witch (insert wicked witch laughter for full effect), for Halloween.  Halloween was celebrated a couple of nights early in our community with a carnival followed by trick-or-treating.  Good Times.

Witches on Stage Met by a Fortune-telling Host

off we go
And off we went!

big thanks to all those who work so hard to make this possible for our children.

More of our Halloween adventures can be found on Flickr.


  1. Great costume! I am happy that she is able to participate in this American tradition. We head out tomorrow night.

  2. Happy Halloween (love you daughter's witch costume)! Your Italian community puts on its own party? Very cool. We are lucky to be able to join in the festivities today at the Sigonella base here in Sicily.

  3. Our local Italian community has organized activities for today, but this, too, was on the American post Friday evening. Enjoy the trick-or-treating today!

  4. GREAT pictures! Happy Halloween!