31 October 2010

don't trash the pumpkin seeds

 Try this idea from my girlfriend in Massachusetts instead.

raw seeds 2

Mmmm!  I LOVE my seeds.  

I boil the seeds in heavily salted water for 5 or 10 minutes.  Then I toss them with a little bit of olive oil and more salt (salt to taste) at about 250 until they start to slightly brown (maybe around a half an hour?).  They are delicious!

I agree. Delicious. I roasted mine for twice the amount of time before they started to brown, but I'm sure that's because I used too much olive oil. I always use too much olive oil. Always. Then again, is there such a thing as too much olive oil? Man, I love olive oil.  Can you imagine life without good olive oil?  Not me. My seeds are coated in Sicilian olive oil. Lucky seeds. Lucky me. Lucky you if you try Leslie's roasted pumpkin seed recipe.


  1. interesting! i have never heard of boiling the pumpkin seeds first. darn! too bad i've already roasted all of ours. i'll have to keep this in mind for next year--i'm totally intrigued!

  2. I love them too! But I haven't yet had the nerve to cut open my pumpkin, I like it so much a centerpiece of our table.

  3. hmm, I think I got a glimpse of an "in" instead of an "on" our table, but my comment has disappeared now!

  4. We made cinnamon sugar pumpkins seeds, but I like your idea!

  5. yum! love pumpkin seeds...now if I could only find a real pumpkin (meaning the nice big orange variety you find in the US)