01 November 2010

stamp and strap

We hear little language slips from our bilingual babe time and again.

Two recents:
"You know what's cool about Lavinia's computer, you get to stamp pictures to color."
"Momma, don't strap the back of the package while opening it because I want to read it later."

stampare :: to print
strappare :: to rip

After-school Snack of Fruit Salad at the Nearby Bar

Brings a giant smile to my face. 
She is making sense of it all in her way and in her time. 
The improvement in her fluency in the eight weeks since school has started is truly amazing to me, even with the little slips.



  1. We have that sometimes with two languages going on in this house. Glad for your explanation because I would have never figured it out!

  2. So interesting! Does she go to an Italian school? We get those too, especially when the little guy is tired: (fer for iron, met for put, and the latest and best - bigissimo for really big)

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  4. It's actually pretty often. We've discovered that her vocabularies in each language is quite different and she doesn't always know the corresponding word in the other language. It'll come.
    And, yes, she is in first grade in a local Italian school. She loves it. She's been with Italian caregivers full time since she was about a year old, but we are just now seeing the language blossom.

  5. That's how I speak English:)! Happy day, hope it's stopped raining there!