25 November 2010

gooble, gooble and buona notte

playing with the bird

What's Thanksgiving without some turkey-related craft?
Thanks to Lucia for the inspiration for "Greta," the turkey.
My girl loved this project.  I mean LOVED it.
She even made jewelry and a scarf for Greta.

The day is done.
The food is eaten.
The friends have come and gone.
The kitchen is clean. 
(How many dishes have I washed throughout the day?)
We couldn't even bare eating the pie after dinner.
So. Much. Good. Food.
Young One is out on the couch fighting a fever while Richard, Greta and I are watching the Saints.
What's Thanksgiving without some football?

Right about now I am thankful that Black Friday does not exist in this country.
I'll be even more thankful if the fever breaks.

Touchdown, Saints.
Time to pay attention to the game
(and maybe get some pie.)
What's Thanksgiving without some pecan pie?

Buona Notte.
Good Night.


  1. You should be ever so happy about no Black Friday. My husband has to steal the alarm from the 11 year old who is convince he has to find the very best deals tomorrow. He wanted to get up at 4am. Darling Turkey. My husband ate one of the pies at noon before the guest arrived.

  2. That is the most beautiful, well accessorized turkey ever! Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Hope that the fever breaks soon... Poor little one! And, so jealous that you are somewhere in which the grip of Black Friday doesn't grasp. I will be avoiding it happily!

  3. ah, LOVE greta!! great pics too! :) glad you had a good thanksgiving. we are contemplating going to the ocean tomorrow--hoping it will be less crowded due to the shopping madness.

  4. Glitzy, glamorous Greta! I love how she turned out. Hope that fever disappears soon.

  5. That turkey is wonderful!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I love Greta! She looks fantastic!

    ...now, go get some pie!