13 December 2010

a film debut or when you give an only child a kitty

Luigi, live.

Need a laugh? This girl of ours cracks us up.

In person, she is quite timid unless she is with those she knows very well, which makes this even more special for us.

Luigi is fine, by the way, couldn't be better, in fact. I think this may be the first in a line of starring roles for him. I hope he finds a new hiding spot soon.


She loves playing with Photo Booth, software that came on my Mac that utilizes the computer's built-in camera.  It's simple, intuitive, and just the right tool for making a debut film with a new kitty. I did crop the song that she mentioned as it was sloooww and looonng, and I, of course, added the titles.  Otherwise, it was all her work.


  1. Thanks for the good laugh. I think a star is born.

  2. Heaven help this cat!

  3. We loved it. I think Vivian watched it three times in a row, then went hunting for our cats to be silly with. The cats hid too well to find. If Young One ever starts a podcast, Vivian will be her number one fan.

  4. Lol!! OMG!! That was too funny ( and cute!). Poor Luigi! The look on his face was priceless :) I can imagine how excited she must feel having a new pet in the house! Hopefully, it'll be a smooth adjustment for everyone (including Kitty!) :)