30 January 2011

@ the market today

market oranges
Sicilian Oranges
Bargain Hunters
market radicchio
Radicchio di Treviso
Hip Floppy Knit Hat

Didn't know I was so fashion forward, did you? All of the cool Italians are sporting the floppy knit hat in my neck of the woods.
Just call me "Fashion Queen."


  1. Wish we had more open air markets around my way. This summer, I will make it a point to visit a local farmer's market or two :)

  2. I keep meaning to knit myself one of those hats...
    I love the market too, Catania has a great one... best to approach it from up wind though. Lots of fish.

  3. oh, look at that radicchio!!! (haven't seen it down here in sicily yet). so beautiful! and your oranges all the way from messina...

  4. hi fashion queen! i think you look adorable! now i want one...

  5. They are here too, well, not here here, we're too backward here, but they are down by the coast, and they're growing on me (the rectangular floppy hats). You look great, fashion queen at the market, so very trendy.

  6. Thank you all, thank you all very much.
    PS. I don't really enjoy the market scene very much, unless it's in France. (Ha!) This day I needed some lemons & knew this would be the best place to get them. It had probably been a year or more since I'd been to this widely-popular Sunday market -- I still don't long for it, but I did get a cool hat.

  7. hey fashion queen! did you find my e-mail?
    you only did win yourself a valentino heart! now paris!
    need your address, dear, if you don't mind.

  8. thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  9. Just read a whole load of your posts, I seem to have got behind, sorry not to comment on each one individually. I particularly enjoyed the post about friendships and this market one. The oranges are so juicy at the moment aren't they.