02 February 2011

apparently, i know nothing

Rollers & Root Beer

The after-school conversation went like this . . .

Young One (oddly eager to talk about her day):  Mamma, it's never okay to say "NOOOO!" to someone. Right?

Me: Not exactly. It can, at times, be. . .

Young One (interrupts, frustrated & indignant): No.  My teacher says it is never okay to say "No!" If someone offers you something, you should take it.

Me: I think what she means is . . .

Young One (again interrupting & suddenly at her wit's end, voice raised, now angry): Mamma!!! My teacher is a nun. She knows more than you do. You can never say "No." It's not polite!

Just as the word "polite" sprang from her gut, she stomped away with grand fanfare, preventing further discussion of the matter and robbing me of my role as the premier omniscient being in her world. Just. Like. That.

It was all so quick. Obviously, I have a lot to learn.



  1. Lol!! Oh my....she does have a point with the whole nun thing. You have a little lawyer on your hands ;o)

  2. Don't argue about "what the teacher said"...you will lose EVERY time!
    Love Ya, Mom

  3. Oh my, I hope you have an opportunity to talk with her again on the subject.

  4. I hope to, Kelleyn. I remember being much the same way . . . the teacher always knew best. Of course, being a teacher, that has its benefits!

  5. :) I love to learn with my kids as well. And... I think I do it every day ;)

  6. hahaha, I have had that too, sensei knows best - of course she does!