04 January 2011

she is everywhere in this country

As I was searching for the seemingly obscure scented Hello Kitty pocket tissues requested by Young One, the tissues that she had to have because all the girls in Prima B have them, the lightly scented ones that provide a fruity nose blowing experience . . . as I was scanning the aisles one after the other at the local superstore, I found these instead:

Hello Kitty maxi pads, available in a selection of absorbencies.

Is nothing sacred?
This dang cat is everywhere in Italy, I tell you.


About the tissues -- this is a tissue culture.  No matter the day, the occasion, the time of year, I know that I can always count on an Italian woman to have a pack of tissues in her bag (or often her bra out in the paese.)  Evidently it begins quite young, because the six-year-old set carries them without fail as well.  Not a bad habit, really. I'm trying to master it, mostly because those same women expect that I'll have them in my bag as well and will, in those few times that they are without, request one from me.  What will they think upon discovering that I don't carry them, ever?  Gasp!!  It's like exiting the pool locker room with a wet head. Wouldn't think of it anymore! (Just call me "Follower.")


  1. That's hilarious! But you'd be right at home in Japan!

    (Oh, but what's the reason for the wet hair taboo in Italy anyway? My Italian friends always used to warn me about not drying my hair, too, but I couldn't ever figure out why exactly. Any clue?)

  2. I need to get in the habit of having tissue in my purse too. So strange with the Hello Kitty. Those must be for the teenagers? Though I would think Hello Kitty would be to young for that age group.

  3. Aha! The tissues. I had forgot about that. I used to have tons of them when we lived in Naples b/c I would buy them off the 'Roma' at the toll booths ;)

  4. Emily -- You must dry your hair or you will catch a cold or at least get a fever for a bit. No joking.

    Kelleyn -- Hello Kitty is for all ages in Italy. I've even seen her on a Smart Car.

    Karen -- Do you think those were very hygenic? You don't see folks selling tissues on the streets up here.

  5. I always go out with wet hair. My nonna always told me my brain would freeze. Maybe that's what's wrong with me...

  6. Hello Kitty maxi pads?!?! THAT is hilarious! Great find and thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh no!! Hello Kitty Maxi pads? That's a bit much, don't you think? Well, I guess it's targeted to the little ones that start developing much earlier.

    BTW - if your writing is bad, then mine is atrocious!! I always enjoyed writing in school, but grammar was never my thing :o/