10 February 2011

bizzaro afternoon

Young One attended a classmate's Carnevale-themed birthday party as "Mulan," wearing her kimono from Okinawa, in a church parish recreation room where she had her face painted by heavily tattooed Italian clowns hired as animatori. The only other dad present besides Richard was another foreigner, who matched Richard's 6'2" stature exactly. The 20 or so moms chatted, the kids ran free and wild. Inside. I zoned in and out of conversations, mostly about the teacher, the school, the upcoming distribution of report cards. Being "on" in Italian in this environment for three hours straight is difficult. 

carnevale clown

The portable CD player blared children's songs like "Cocodrillo Come Fa?" and "Il Cuoco Pasticcione,"  loudly, louder, really, than the tinny speakers could handle. The clowns were overwhelmed with the number of children. I saw a boy agressively smack Young One several times on her head, just out of the blue as she sat on the floor during the grand gift opening event. She cried. She screamed with indignation. The festeggiata was perturbed by the interruption. The short clown consoled her with a giant hug and spoke sternly to Spider Man (so I didn't have to), while his mother continued to gossip, unaware of her son.

Afterwards, we went for sushi at a restaurant run by Chinese people and packed with American diners only, none of whom I recognized . . . except for one distant acquaintance who shared a long story of unrequited love while she waited for her take-out. He dumped her several years ago; she spoke like it was yesterday. I don't really know her that well. Richard ordered a Thai dish. The hired help at the party was a Thai woman. The mood music at the Japanese/Chinese/Thai place was Kenny G-ish. We brought our six-year-old there dressed in a kimono and a bad face painting.

Disjointed writing, I know.

Bizzaro Day.
Glad that it is over.

I'm watching you, Spidey.


  1. Italian children's parties can be VERY cacophonous and wild. Congrats...you survived! :-)

  2. If that party was anything like the Play Park in Torri that I used to take Jericho to...well...congratulations on keeping your cool. I would've lost it.

  3. The mother of the birthday girl invited all children from both first grade classes. It's kinda wild like Play Park, but they all know each other, and there are no ball pits or trampolines in the rec room.

  4. I can imagine how it felt having to talk a different language for 3 hours straight. Kind of like it feels to go to those work networking functions :o/ Glad that day is over!

  5. At least you can't say it was boring!

  6. My life here is never, ever boring. . . believe me. It is at times maddeningly frustrating, but never a bore.

    Maddy, I've stopped attending those work networking functions because. . . well, I'm in education, and we don't exactly do that, do we? I have cut off the social events outside of school bc to me, those are a usually a bore :( ha.

  7. sometimes this type of day just happens...

  8. Were you guys at Jin Gu? I ask, because everytime I go there I hear Kenny G. I thought maybe that's where you were.