06 February 2011

corsa di cucina - round 2


This second visit to Trattoria all'Angelo was for a fish-themed lesson. (The details of the first visit are here.) After only a few hours with Chef Mauro, I can now confidently select fresh fish from the fish monger and clean and fillet both round and flat fish. Seriously, confidently, totally. 

We worked with orata (sea bream) and sogliola (Dover sole.)


Of all the things he taught me, by far my favorite was the method of cooking a whole fish covered in salt. I first tasted this at my favorite local restaurant and was immediately in culinary heaven. Now I know exactly how to do it, including a secret trick to check for doneness.  And, no, the fish is not at all salty. In my humble culinary opinion, this method best captures the delicate flavor of the fish.

We've since replicated this recipe in our kitchen. Perfect fish.


I was also taught how to properly handle the mysterious (at least to me) artichoke. This type is in season now and was used for the risotto but can easily be combined with a few other ingredients for a refreshing salad.


Not only does it look incredible, it also tastes incredible as well. Truly delectable. Simple & fresh.

Elements of Our Day
1. Quality Check
2. Preparation Before Cooking
(Clean & Fillet)
3. Anatomy of Two Types of Fish
4. Recipe: "Fumet" Fish Stock
5. Recipe: Velvety Fish Sauce
6. Recipe: Baked Sole Filet in "Papillote" (French -- parchment paper)
7. Recipe: Artichoke and Saffron Risotto with Sea Bream Filet
*Fish cooked with the salt method was also added.

More images of our day can be found on Flickr.

Mauro and Bari
Via dell'Angelo, 105
Piovene Rocchette (VI)
(Closed Sunday night and Monday)


  1. Hmm...I should check those restaurants out :) Sadly I don't do much dining in and around the Berici hills, and the only one I've been to--aeoli--I found a tad overrated.

  2. I love this kind of thing. Some day I am coming to Italy to take a cooking class.

  3. Now you've got me curious about cooking fish in salt. I'll look it up in my recipe books - hope to find it!

  4. Kelleyn- Sounds like a plan.
    John - This place is not in the Colli Berici, but there are a couple of good finds here, nonetheless. And I agree, Aeolia is not one of them.

  5. Baked fish in salt is a standard at my house, so simple, so good! But you've intrigued me with those rolls of fishmeat!

  6. I would love to attend a cooking lesson here in Italy one day. Though I might avoid the whole fish part though... I get creeped out when my food can "look" at me from my plate.

  7. Oh my, I'm drooling :)

  8. How cool that you're taking a cooking class! I've always wanted to take one, but never got around to it. I need more variety in my kitchen :) These look so delicious!

  9. Saretta, The rolls are flat fish (sole) -- cooked in parchment paper. Good, but not my favorite. The salt fish is by far my favorite.

    So, so good. Believe me.

  10. ooooh...i could so use a how to cook fish class! looks like it was amazing!!! i love seafood, but am quite intimidated by it, so rarely cook it.