26 March 2011

spring cleaning is ...

Spring cleaning is highly overrated. That's what it is.

Did you think I might say fulfilling, inspiring, invigorating, or even spiritual?
You don't know me too well.

This is a look at how I chose to spend my foggy Veneto morning instead.

bike ride7 copy
bike ride6
bike ride5
bike ride4
bike ride1
bike ride3
bike ride2

And the afternoon?
I think I'll go plant some lettuce and some pansies.
Yep, that's exactly what I'll do.
You certainly won't find me engrossed in cleaning. Hello Dear Friends, need I remind you that it is a chore? Like the laundry. Bleh.


  1. Just catching up with blog posts, so much more important than household chores of any kind.

  2. Love love love the dirt and holes on the knees of Young One's tights. That is the perfect picture of a happy little girl.

  3. Michelle,
    She was so incredibly happy the entire time we were out on the bikes. . . like hyper, over-the-top happy. She went much further on the bike than we thought she would.
    happy gardening!

  4. Lol! So true! Thank goodness you're the "boss" now, so you don't have to do anything you don't want to do :) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I think how you choose to spend the day was far more exciting. Save the cleaning for a rainy day.

  6. Nice outing. I wish we had more flat areas around here -- oh, well, there's always spring cleaning to keep us invigorated :)

  7. We have some rain in the forecast, so it will likely happen sooner than I wish :0
    Maddy -- You have no idea how much that rings true for me. I am spent many, many, many a Saturday morning engrossed in chores. I'm done with that.
    With the flatlands of the Po Valley comes the fog, err, smog, of the Po Valley. It is VERY bad, I'm afraid.

  8. oh, well you're talking to a mama who is in full nesting mode right now. i have cleaned and organized like some sort of possessed woman for the past month. it's exhausting and certainly not so much fun. it is rewarding, though.

    but, yes, go plant some things instead. so much more fun and enjoyable. i wish that we were in ice tea mode here by now. it's just ICE mode. still feels like deep winter.